A new season for sneakers in autumnal Prague

On October 20, 2017 the unmistakeable sound of a gathering of young people emanated from the famous Ot Kotva centre in the Czech capital of Prague. They had come together there to experience a true paradise for sneaker fans. Right time, right place? Who cares – the party was already in full swing by midday thanks to DJ POETA. Another highlight was the dance battle, which transfixed the guests. But that’s not all:

EMPIRE at the very heart of urban lifestyle and party fever

The EMPIRE Team was also right in the middle of the hubbub, aiming to conquer this Mecca for Czech sneaker fans. That was the thinking behind the EMPIRE-ARENA, where the fans could experience EMPIRE for themselves – “on their own shoes”. Our team cleaned, refreshed and impregnated the guests’ sneakers. It was great to see the visible delight on the faces of our “guinea pigs. Take Kristyna from Kladno, for instance: “I really didn’t think that the stuff would actually work,” she enthused after her EMPIRE treatment – and she walked away with a spring in her step and sparkling Nike Air Max. While downstairs was all about the DJ’s sounds, quite different “noises” set the scene upstairs: this is where you could rub shoulders with the prime movers on the scene and hang out to eavesdrop on the sneaker talk of the bloggers, influencers and sneaker heads.

After two days of Teniskology, EMPIRE had made its mark in Prague: alongside freshly tended sneakers and exuberant fans, the newly decorated streetlights were a striking new feature of the cityscape 😉