Adidas to launch Dragon Ball Zneakers

2018 has some real treats in store for true sneakerheads! As well as “conventional” releases, some brands have extra-special one-off projects up their sleeves.  Adidas in particular seems to be hatching grand plans: after the viral hit from its partnership with BVG, this autumn the German sportswear giant is set to launch new sneakers modelled on the characters from Dragon Ball Z.

Rumours about the new collection have been circulating online for three weeks. Pictures purporting to be of individual models of the seven-strong range have been cropping up, but now Yeezy Mafia has leaked all models including pictures. As you’d expect from anything to do with Dragon Ball, the shoes will be released as battles from August onwards.


So: Son Goku (ZX 500 RM) and Freeza (Yung 1) will kick things off in August, followed by  Cell (Prophere) and Son Gohan (Deerupt) in September, and  Vegeta (Oregon Ultra Tech) and Majin Boo (Kamanda) in November. In the series, the dragon Shenlong often brings the fallen warriors back to life from the next world. Taking inspiration from this, Adidas will awaken a Shenron model (EQT ADV Mid 1) as a parting shot in December. There are reports that other characters will follow subsequently, but to date nothing has been confirmed.

No matter how powerful the Dragon Ball Z characters are, their sneakers are not protected from dust and dirt. But with EMPIRE they will survive any battle unscathed 😉