The allure of the sneaker. The passion to create.

A passion for sneakers and a love of the world of the “custom-made” inspired the creators of Creightivist to set up a dedicated platform for like-minded people.

Working closely with graphic designers, artists, bloggers, programmers and aided by the best printing equipment you can get your hands on right now, it has taken the Creightivists just two years to create a space for people who turn their back on the mainstream and want stand out from the crowd with their own sneaker or shirt creations.

It was this shared passion for sneakers and unusual design that brought EMPIRE and Creightivist together, and we’re presenting some of the coolest designs for you to scroll through in the image gallery.

Custom-made is all the rage – protected by Empire.

Custom-made sneakers are nothing new: large global brands have been offering their own configurators for some time. These provide the “building blocks” to enable you to design your own unique pieces. However, that wasn’t enough for the men and women of the Creightivists: on their platform at www.creightivist.com you can create completely customised sneaker designs – and even upload photos and illustrations.

The designs are then painstakingly transferred on to the shoe by hand. In addition, a large selection of ready-made patterns by talented and fashionable designers is also on offer.

To ensure that the shoes are protected from the get-go, the Creightivists naturally went with Empire to provide additional, lasting protection for the often unique design of the sneakers with the Dirt Blocker. If you need a top-up, you can purchase all the products in the EMPIRE family in their online shop.

Bespoke sneaker designs and unique t-shirt creations.

A whole range of unique sneaker designs has been produced in next to no time, and of course you can design and order a matching t-shirt while you are there. The burgeoning friendship between Empire and Creightivist has already produced all kinds of brilliant ideas about how they can work together to design things of beauty. Naturally, they’ve already started thinking about an extraordinary sneaker with an EMPIRE design. So: watch this space. More to come 😉