Jordan Unveils Russel Westbrook’s Why Not Zer0.2

The new year starts just like 2018 has ended – with some sick sneaker releases! New Year, new shoes – Russel Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder triple-double star has just released his newest kicks. The „Why Not Zer0.2“ is not just a very stylish sneaker. They are actually basketball shoes designed with a technical background, specifically for a fast and energy-charged basketball style – just like Russel’s.

Russels had very specific ideas about his new model. He wanted to go for pure performance, rather than going only with „what’s hot“ right now.
This is what lead to him and the Jordan team designing the greatest signature model currently out there.

The Why Not Zer0.2 has a very special design – it comes with a Zoom-laden two-piece sole and an exposed mid-foot plate, whilst the heel is double-layered for extra support.
The upper has a deconstructed look to it, with its colourful design, the exposed stitching and a rising mid-foot strap.

Jordan has already confirmed the release for January 10th in a full family size run – for both adults and children.

The price for a pair will be at around 130€. Men’s sizes will be released first, whilst other sizes will follow in the course of this month.