Kickoff: Empire Cleaning Challenge

Michelle contacted us via Facebook and asked us if and how she could clean the Yeezy 350 Triple White of her friend Julian, without causing “permanent damage”. When she sent us a picture, we did not hesitate and asked her to send us the shoes.

Why? Because we had fun with this challenge and of course because we consider ourselves professionals who are able to master even impossible challenges. Ok, here we go. But Michelle gave us the idea to tell more stories about distressed sneakers and their wonderful rescue. That’s how the idea for the EMPIRE CLEANING CHALLENGE was born!

Every month we look for a lucky winner on, for whom we will clean their dirty grails. We do the cleaning and restoration and capture the entire process in a video. So the winner gets back his favorites totally clean and the community will see, how you can rescue your dirty pairs of shoes.

Of course, we will present each challenge here in our EMPIRE magazine, so that (hopefully) a beautiful and interesting collection will be created.