Nike On Air Collection – Colors from around the world!

The sneaker world has been waiting for this moment! Nike has finally announced the official release date for the entire Air Max On Air collection, that was designed by 6 people from all over the world. The corresponding campaign was already released last year. The biggest Air Max fans were addressed to draw up a creative concept, that reflects both their love for Air Max and for their hometown. The idea was to incorporate a personal story into every design.

After several qualification rounds, Nike had finally decided on 3 designs respectively from New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Paris and Seoul for a final, public voting. One winner from each city was supposed to be chosen. Last summer, the choice was publicly announced and today we finally know the release date for the collection designed by the community.

The release date will be April 13th 2019. Just like we expected, each model will have limited availability, which will be interesting for all resellers and will limit the chances for the “ordinary” sneakerhead. The price varies between 150 Euros (Air Max 1), 200 Euros (Air Max 97, Air Max 98) and 240 Euros (Vapormax Plus).

The following models will be available:

  • Nike Air Max 98 NYC (200 Euros)
  • Nike Air Max 97 Shanghai (200 Euros)
  • Nike Air Max 97 Seoul (200 Euros)
  • Nike Air Max 1 Tokyo (150 Euros)
  • Nike Air Max 97 London (200 Euros)
  • Nike Air Vapormax Plus Paris (200 Euros)

Have a look at our gallery for a first impression of all models: