Nike x PlayStation – When gaming meets sneakers

You don’t think video games and sneakers go together? Think again, as we now see Nike teaming up with PlayStation to launch a new sneaker that should grab the attention of any gamer! Recently we’ve seen some interesting merchandise collaborations, such as the Dragonball sneakers and BVG shoes – and now Nike and PlayStation are raising the bar when it comes to design and features.

Together they will market the “PG-2 PlayStation Colorway”, designed in collaboration with NBA professional Paul George. George himself is a passionate gamer – and we reckon the kicks, modelled to look like a DualShock 4 controller, must be a dream come true for him. The design is definitely out of the ordinary.

The first thing you notice are the luminous logos on the tongue. The left shoe sports the PlayStation logo, while the personal design by Paul George adorns the right. The logos can be switched off, constantly lit or flashing. The laces, which feature the colours of the PlayStation buttons, will also be familiar to gaming fans.

Like the BVG sneakers, PlayStation and Nike also offer their buyers a little extra bonus: the heel of the left shoe includes a PSN code that can be used in the PlayStation Store for a Paul George design for the PS4.

The shoe will be launched globally on 10 February 2018 and is expected to cost in the region of $110 (around €90). We know for a fact that in real life the sneakers need to be protected from all kinds of danger. After all, who wants cola or ketchup on their luminous logos…