Sacai x Nike – It’s going to be extraordinary again

Throughout the history of Sacai and Nike collaborations, the new colorways coming this September will be the most hyped ones. With the upcoming colorways of the Nike LD Waffle, but especially with the two new Blazers, Chitose Abe once again surpassed himself. Classic silhouettes are out – Sacai once again counts on an extraordinary look and this fully fits the communities taste.

The last colorways with their bright colors were designed rather for a hot summer, while the current models with many gray and black tones announce the coming autumn. It is a great feature that fur applications can be added to the current models or removed accordingly. At first glance, of course, the midsole catches the eye again. It goes beyond the edge of the lower sole and creates an appearance as if the shoe had several soles, which are overlaid.

In general, a pattern runs across the entire shoe – the doublings. So there are not only several soles but also two tongues with the corresponding Nike Swoosh and at the same time real Holics will decorate their Blazer with two pairs of laces. Overall, the two Blazer will probably be as hyped as the previous Sacai models.