The last gold reserves

EMPIRE brings Christmas joy to its fans with a chance to win one of the very last six cans of Dirt Blocker Limited Edition Gold.

Crack the safe to get your hands on one of these rarities. All you need to do is answer the following seven questions correctly, combine the letters from the answers to form the code word, and PM it to EMPIRE via Facebook by 31 December 2017.

EMPIRE will draw the winners of the six “pieces of gold” from all correct answers (answers in the comments won’t count).

GO FOR GOLD – good luck!

1. What was Nike originally going to be called?
o. Phil’s shoes
p. Dimension 6
q. Quick
r. Bowermann Wear

2. Who coined the term “sneaker”?
r. Henry Nelson McKinney
s. Michael Jordan
t. James Dean
u. Michael J. Fox

3. What does the name “Reebok” stand for?
l. Name of a type of lion
m. Composite of two surnames
n. Made up, no meaning
o. African antelope species

4. What was the inspiration for the shape of the Nike Air Max 95?
t. The anatomy of a bird
u. A model by adidas
v. The structure of the human body
w. A men’s shoe from the 1950s

5. What’s the name of EMPIRE’s cleaning foam?
e. Clean Keeper
f. Dirt Blocker
g. Fresh Express
h. There isn’t one.

6. What are custom sneakers or custom kicks?
a. Sneakers with special lacing
b. Standard leather shoes
c. Hand-painted one-off sneakers
d. Special sneakers suited to football

7. Converse …
q. come from France
r. are only available in white
s. were bought by adidas
t. were originally intended to be basketball shoes