Virgil Abloh x Ikea – The MARKERAD collection is coming!

MARKERAD – the new collection by designer Virgil Abloh in cooperation with Ikea is ready! After a huge hype surrounding the ‘KEEP OFF’ carpet in May, the rest of the collection will be coming to the Ikea stores on Thursday, 7th November.

Abloh kept everything very urban and minimalist like the Ikea style of 2019. Nevertheless, he has brought his very own touch, as his fans know it from the collaborations of his brand Off White together with Nike. True to the motto “less is more” Abloh added little details to the minimalist pieces.

Ikea can already expect a big run on Thursday, because especially for sneakerheads the MARKERAD collection is a must have! Although the collection has obviously nothing to do with sneakers, Abloh’s previous work is so deeply rooted in the lifestyle of many sneakerheads that they want to surround themselves not only with the Off White x Nike shoes, but also with his furniture, carpets and more. Officially, the collection will be released this Thursday at the Ikea Stores. Insider tip: Many Ikea restaurants open half an hour before the sales area. Depending on the Ikea store, you have an advantage, as you can get to the exhibition site faster from there.

Here is a list of all articles in the MARKERAD collection with the corresponding price:

  • Wet Grass carpet: 139,00 €
  • Bed frame (without cover): 180,00 €
  • Bedding set: 24,99 €
  • Cover for daybed: 99,00 €
  • Chair: 119,00 €
  • Mona Lisa picture: 69,99 €
  • Mirror: 149,00 €
  • Invoice carpet: 69,00 €
  • Big bag: 12,99 €
  • Small bag: 9,99 €
  • Table: 269,00 €
  • “Temporary” wall clock: 24,99 €
  • Showcase: 179,00 €
  • Tool set: 8,99 €

In our gallery you can get a first impression of some pieces: