„Yes, Your Can“ design competition 2018 – open to all!

For sneakerheads, limited-edition sneakers are very special, highly sought-after items. The hype they generate isn’t just to do with their limited numbers, but also the fact that some of the world’s best designers are behind these unique pieces. These two factors reinforce each other in the competition for the sneaker fans’ attention.

Taking its cue from the sneaker world, EMPIRE itself is about to launch a “limited edition” – a special spray can in strictly limited numbers. What will make this can so special? That depends on you, the EMPIRE Community. EMPIRE wants you to give free rein to your imagination and creativity: you might decorate your can with some graffiti art, or the skyline of one of the world’s metropolises, or maybe the colours of your favourite sneakers – the design for the can is entirely up to you.

How does it work? We have prepared design sheets for you to download, where you can showcase your creative ideas. First of all, an expert jury made up of designers and brand specialists will select the best three designs. The EMPIRE community will then decide which can takes the prize via a Facebook vote. The best thing about it is that 5,000 cans sporting the coolest design will be manufactured, and the winner will be invited to watch their can being made in person.

The prizes

1st prize
The winning design will receive €500 and will be manufactured as a special limited edition. The winner will be able to watch their can being manufactured live in the factory.

2nd prize
The first runner-up will receive €300 in prize money as well as an original EMPIRE merchandising package with a hoodie, shirt, cap and a product set.

3rd prize
The second runner-up will receive €200 in prize money and also an original EMPIRE merchandising package with a hoodie, shirt, cap and a product set.

It’s this simple

1. Download the design sheet
2. Design the can
3. Upload a photo of an assembled EMPIRE can or a design as a PDF in the form below or by post*
4. The conditions of participation are deemed accepted on submission of the documents.

Closing date: 28 February 2018

Submit design now:

Your name*

Your email*

Your photo/design* (max. 5MB | allowed formats: JPG, PDF)

The following conditions of participation apply:

  • The designer automatically takes part in the competition through submission of the documents.
  • The documents will be uploaded or posted to*
    HDW GmbH, Empire Designwettbewerb, Bismarckstraße 126, 66121 Saarbrücken
  • Each participant may submit multiple designs.
  • Submissions must be the designer’s own work.
  • Participants who infringe the conditions of the competition will be excluded from the competition. In this case prizes may also be retrospectively disallowed and reclaimed.
  • The personal data collated during the competition will be used exclusively for carrying out the competition and will be subsequently deleted.
  • If a winner does not respond within seven days despite being contacted twice, a new winner will be identified.
  • The prize is non-transferrable.
  • All submissions will be judged by an expert jury made up of designers and brand specialists.
    The winner will be chosen by the Facebook community by way of a vote. All winners will be notified by e-mail and the winning design will be published.
  • By submitting the design, the participants declare their agreement that the submitted documents may be published on the website, on Facebook and on Instagram for the purpose of determining the winners. Copyright to the design will remain with the designer. The usage rights to the designs for the purpose of producing a limited edition and documenting the competition shall pass automatically and without limitation to Nanogate Textile & Care Systems GmbH, Zum Schacht 3, 66287 Quierschied-Göttelborn.