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Are the EMPIRE products safe?

Our research and development team attaches the highest importance to product safety and consumer protection. All empire products are extensively and carefully tested. Always observe the instructions for safe use shown on the label. As with any spray, when using this product, you should not inhale the atomised spray and keep the product from getting into your eyes. You should use the products only in a well-ventilated area or outdoors

Can I apply the products to all materials?

You can use Empire Protect on all footwear and textiles, whether leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, linen, cotton, synthetics, vinyl or rubber. The impregnation is invisible after drying. With patent leather, synthetic leather and other sensitive surfaces, you should first test the product on a small area for compatibility and colour fastness.

How long does EMPIRE Protect work?

After the first thorough impregnation, the impregnation lasts for several weeks. If you wear your sneakers often, we recommend a refresher impregnation after 3 weeks. If you notice that water no longer properly forms beads and dirt is able to penetrate, you should clean your sneakers and impregnate them again with Empire Protect.

How high is the yield of EMPIRE Protect?

A can of Empire Protect is enough for an essential treatment of 2 to 3 pairs of sneakers (2 or 3 applications per treatment). A single spray is sufficient to refresh the protection, and a single can treat approximately 10 to 12 pairs.

Do I need to impregnate MY new sneakers?

New sneakers are usually not impregnated. You can recognise this if water droplets are absorbed into the material instead of forming beads. We recommend spraying new sneakers with Empire Protect before you wear them protected right from the start.

How can I remove Empire protect?

Empire Protect is partially removed during the cleaning of your sneakers. If you do not refresh the impregnation, it will be removed entirely after several cleaning cycles.

Are EMPIRE products environmentally friendly?

We developed EMPIRE using the latest generation of active ingredients. When selecting our raw materials, we pay very close attention to environmental compatibility. Empire products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are not harmful to aquatic organisms.

How are the products tested?

During the development process, we test all Empire products for optimum effectiveness and durability. Ongoing production is subject to strict quality controls. The safety of our Empire products is critical to us; that’s why they undergo extensive prescribed testing before they are put on the market. We work closely with external institutes.

Do I need to clean my sneakers before applying EMPIRE Protect?

It’s best to apply Empire Protect directly on your new sneakers before you wear them for the first time. If you want to protect your sneakers with Empire, later on, you should clean them first with Empire Clean. For optimal effectiveness and durability, you should apply Empire Protect to clean and dry sneakers.

Does EMPIRE Protect contain fluorine?

We do use fluoropolymers in Empire Protect. These active ingredients have the unique advantage of repelling even oily and greasy dirt. When selecting our active ingredients, we seek the most environmentally friendly results possible, and that’s why we use only short-chain fluoropolymers.

Can I carry the products on board an aircraft?

Most airlines will not permit you to carry Empire products in your hand luggage, as they exceed the 100-ml limit and are an extremely flammable spray. You can stow Empire products in your checked luggage, however. Be sure to enquire with your airline about the exact requirements.

How can I dispose of the products?

Completely empty cans are recyclable. Cans with residual contents must be taken to special waste-collection points (mobile disposal unit).

Do sneakers remain breathable in spite of EMPIREprotect?

Empire Protect maintains the breathability of your sneakers. The impregnation forms an effective safety net against water and dirt. Air and moisture are still transported out and away from the shoe.

Do EMPIRE products have an expiry date, and what’s the best way to store them?

The sprays have a shelf life of at least two years. The best-by month and year are shown on the bottom of the can. It would be best if you stored the sprays in a cool, well-ventilated place, out of reach of children. The spray should not be stored under any circumstances in a car, or in direct sunlight (e.g. on a windowsill), as they are extremely flammable and can burst when heated.

Do you have a question that is not listed here?

Our info-line is there to respond to your questions, suggestions and comments, at info@benzy-gmbh.de. We look forward to hearing from you!